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Dragons At Home

unnið af

Brynjari og Samma sumar 2022 og sumar 2023


með hjálp frá Gunnsu, Gabríeli, Bjarka, Jakobi, Agli

og fleirum.

"The Dragon has been hiding away for quite some time, in a world that's changed quite a bit since the human cultists took over. The cultists all dress in the same robes so as not to express any individuality, an important aspect of their culture. They think the same, and they have the same opinions. The Dragon is a deviation from that lifestyle, as it intends to express itself freely and show its true colors. Which in this case, would mainly be green and yellow.


Three cultists have been recruited by the higher-ups to hunt the Dragon down and nullify its threat to the cultists' ideals, but maybe their minds can be altered..."


- Samosa,

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